VV Africa Trading, Ltd. maintains partnerships with selected Czech and foreign companies for the purpose of supplying specialized goods and materials.

VV Africa Trading, Ltd. holds a special business license to supply such specialized goods and materials issued by the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade.

VV Africa Trading, Ltd. actively participates in international calls for tenders for the supply of specialized goods, particularly for the governments of African and Asian countries, where we maintain close personal contacts and business relationships, and where we are intimately familiar with the local business environment thanks to many years of experience and a wide network of partners.

Thanks to our extensive military expertise and experience, we are able to supply required materiel based on the specific needs of individual customers. Likewise, we are able to arrange repairs of existing equipment and organize training following equipment upgrade.

We specialize in trading the following articles:

  • Hand weapons with ammunition, equipment and materiel used in present-day conditions
  • Soldier protection equipment, such as bulletproof vests, helmets, chemical agents, connection equipment
  • Logistical materials, such as tents, uniforms, medical supplies, etc.
  • Organization of repairs, both regular repairs and upgrades, of equipment and delivery of training following equipment upgrade
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