VV Africa Trading, Ltd. also represents certain foreign companies on the Czech and European markets, including:

  • B.I.S. – Business International Service, a Pakistani company that produces Basmati rice, table and industrial salt, dried mushrooms, and a selection of leather goods
  • KEJRIWAL Group, an Indian supplies of various kinds of honey with EU certification
  • DEKALOMI AGRO Export. Ltd., a Tanzanian supplier of cashew nuts
  • VICA Tanzania Comp. Ltd., a company specializing in guided individual vacation packages throughout Tanzania and Zanzibar
  • Supply of gold (gold bricks, 96-97% pure) from various companies from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • We supply minerals from our direct trading partners, including 99.99% pure copper, coltan ore, chromium ore, cobalt, tungsten, tin, and others based on our customers' requirements
We are a business partner of MISK Investment Ltd (Kenya) company and ADT Europe GmbH (Germany) company for securing the supply of minerals from Africa.

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